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I started out in the haulage business nearly 20 years ago, supplying hay & straw to many farmers in South West England, sometimes hauling tractors and machinery to the East on a return load. Quite by chance I bought and sold a few tractors. Over a couple of years the machinery dealing became so busy that I decided to sell my hay & straw business and concentrate on the machinery.

I do all the underwriting, buying, selling & invoices, whilst my wife, Kate, runs the office; putting together the adverts, updating the website and all the other paperwork that is required.

Then there is Stuart who is the “lynch pin” of the yard, who can turn his hand to most things, whether it be refurbishing a tractor or driving the forager and baler (we also do 2,000+ acres of grass harvesting locally). Quite useful for testing the machinery and it can also be shown working if the season allows. Stuart is also on hand for the calving, we currently run nearly 100 British Blue Pedigree and XBred suckler cows. Tractors and machinery are used on the farm by us when needed and the whole family gets involved with the day to day running of the farm. Last but not least is Adam who arrives weekly to work his magic on cleaning and valeting.

My aim is to buy right, keep our overheads to a minimum so that we can pass on this saving to the customer, looking for a quicker turnover by keeping our prices low. I am always looking for genuine, clean stock and am happy to quote you a price if you are looking to sell.